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We will help you choose the right virtual platform and create user-friendly virtual spaces for impressive online events, innovative remote-work environments, and highly-interactive online learning spaces. We cooperate with various platforms like Gather Town, Virtuloc, and YOM. Meet in a virtual space that inspires collaboration and accelerates productivity.

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What do we build?

VIRTUAL meetings
Exciting venues where attendees can interact with speakers and participate in workshops. Our goal is to design and organize digital hackathons, conventions, summits and more, in a way so that guests may connect with each other naturally.
Created with a focus on encouraging communication and conversation, so that everyone can get involved. No matter where you are based, virtual worlds are always open for you to connect and collaborate on.
A space based on your personal needs and following specific brand guidelines. We can create anything, from an exact copy of your own existing offices, to the extraordinary event location of your dreams.

What we do

for every type of
virtual meeting

We’re working with multiple platforms to ensure a fantastic tailor-made experience for any kind of virtual meeting. 
We’re always looking for collaboration with the best platforms for you and your various use cases. 


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Over 100 virtual spaces successfully delivered

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Replica of the Red Bull HQ in Austria

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200 participants

Exciting venue for attendees to interact with speakers and participate in workshops. We design and organize hackathons, conventions, and summits where attendees can interact in a natural way.

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Why Digital collaborative platforms?

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Jump into the metaverse hypetrain

We find a personalized solution suited to your needs and provide a strategy for your first encounter with virtual worlds. Be prepared for the future, virtual meetings, digital shopping and operating in the metaverse.

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Collaborate and Communicate

We'll choose the best platform and help set up the perfect online office for you. We'll help you feel like part of a team once again, even if you can't physically meet.

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fraction of in-person event cost

Surprise your employees or customers from all over the world with an interactive meeting that will keep them engaged and entertained.

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Fully customizable

The space we create for hosting your events, workshops or meetings can be entirely customized to your liking. Build your own space with branding and localized assets that fit your individual needs.

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You can change, modify or expand your virtual world at any time. Additionally, you can take advantage of what you've already created on multiple platforms.

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Our metaverse offers fun, interactive and gamified spaces for connecting with anyone, anywhere. Meet with your global partners at one table, confer with your managers in a private room, or address your employees from a main stage podium.

Frequently asked questions

All that’s necessary is a computer or mobile device. No need to install apps or download anything at all. Anyone can connect with just one click through their browser.

Since you connect to the virtual space via browser on your mobile device or computer, there’s no need for powerful hardware. We only recommend platforms to our clients if we have fully tested them ourselves, and if they are perfectly optimized to run smoothly on any device. All you need to join virtual spaces and interact with others is a web browser, a mic, and a webcam!
For the majority of virtual events, we recommend the Gather platform. It’s a simple and easy to use platform that is the perfect first step into the world of virtual meetings. For more demanding clients, we have other alternatives – Teamflow, Virtuloc, oVice. It all depends on the type of event, the environment required and the visitors. We will select the right platform for you, so that your visitors can enjoy the event as much as possible.
Freedom of movement, interaction, agenda choice or classic small-talk are all possible here. Our virtual events offer fun, interactive and gamified spaces through which you can digitally connect with anyone around the world. They offer countless possibilities – meet with your global business partners at one table, confer with your department managers in a private meeting room, or talk to all of your employees at once from a main stage podium.
It depends on your exact specifications, the number of participants, the complexity of the environment and the number of elements and rooms you require. You can make use of ready-made spaces or have your own virtual world created to your liking.
This entirely depends on the size of the required space, usually about 4-8 weeks for fully custom-made spaces. We can create a space based on one of our templates in about 1-2 weeks.

Meet our team

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Lukas cerny

Co-founder &
main boss

zamrazil vaclav

Vaclav Zamrazil

Co-founder &
product sales guy

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Karel Hirsch

Co-founder &
marketing guy

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