Over 100 virtual spaces successfully delivered

Virtual worlds are the future of work and learning. We can build a space based on specific needs and brand guidelines of our clients. We can create anything in the virtual world – from virtual conferences to entire worlds.Β 

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Virtual spaces created by Space Makers are highly-interactive and user-friendly. All of our spaces are designed in 3D which contributes to a cutting-edge, modern feel. This and our project management have been especially appreciated by clients. Whether you want to visit a new planet, explore a city in the future, or experience a fantastical world of your own creation, Space Makers can make it happen. We have designed custom-made virtual spaces for a range of companies, from start-ups to international companies such as Red Bull and EA Games.Β 

JLL -  Sustainability Early Career Program (onboarding, workshops, interviews)


Baxter IP - Virtual remote office

Benefit plus - Online showroom

Opero - Virtual event space

Samsung - virtual meet up with influencers

Space Makers - Virtual remote office

ECC FORUM - Virtual Conference

Figment - Metaverse country club

Doctors without borders - virtual HACKATHON in REPLICA OF THE FOREIGN MISSION

Penny uni - Eclectic virtual workshops

Digital paths - Metal detective virtual space

Square - VIRTUAL CONFERENCE & Escape game

Philips - Dental clinic in metaverse

SVT - Virtual workshops and conference

GRAPHQL - virtual meeting

Centre of passive house - international conference