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Red Bull

Replica of the Red Bull HQ in Austria

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Client requirements

Suggest solutions to make large meetings and presentations attractive and playful again, at a time when most of these meetings take place online. We want to get people interested in online meetings again and are looking for a non-traditional format to engage our people and reinvigorate our meetings.

How did we fulfill these requirements?

We proposed to create a replica of an iconic building that is associated with the Red Bull brand and is easily recognizable at a glance from the air and from the ground. Our graphic designers modeled an exact likeness including meeting rooms, offices, and the reception area. We situated the entire environment within the Gather Town platform. This allowed executives from all over the world to connect to their meeting or presentation in a familiar space without traveling thousands of miles with a single click via their browsers. In addition, thanks to the possibilities of the Gather Town platform, the entire space was brought to life with interactive objects. For Red Bull, we not only created a faithful replica of their offices in their own meta-world, but laid the groundwork for any other platforms that may make use of the existing spaces.
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A tailor-made meta world for Red Bull used to hold global meetings.

People assumed they were seeing aerial photographs, but the opposite is true. We successfully modeled an exact replica of the architecturally striking Red Bull headquarters in Fuschl Am See. The accurate reproduction of the space was used for global meetings, presentations as well as executive meetings. All in an environment that everyone knows well and which mimics the offices down to the last detail.

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