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A virtual environment in the form of a rescue mission for Doctors Without Borders

hackathon / a replica of the foreign mission / over 60 participants

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The environment of the Doctors Without Borders foreign mission gave rise to great ideas during the global hackathon

The humanitarian non-profit organization of Doctors Without Borders organized a global event that took place in a purely virtual environment. We took care of all the groundwork, and designed a special digital map for Doctors Without Borders to replicate an encounter in the real world. Over 60 people attended the event.

The client approached us with the following requirements

We would like to organize a global Doctors Without Borders hackathon on the topic of communication. The international meeting will be attended by over 50 members from all over the world, who will be divided into working groups to come up with new ideas and improvements for our organization in the field of communication.
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How did we fulfill these requirements?

Doctors Without Borders’ internal hackathon, which took place during the week of 11-15 October, focused on using digital tools with greater efficiency within the organization. After assigning the topic, four groups of Doctors Without Borders associates immersed themselves in thinking about how best to improve their communication strategies and other related topics under the guidance of experienced mentors. As a result of the provided environment, the participants were able to run to the field hospital tents, which served as rooms for the different working groups.  After an intensive week, they presented their solutions to management, colleagues and expert mentors. The ideas that emerged from the hackathon will now be developed and applied across the organization.

“We received very positive feedback from the participants of the event regarding the virtual space provided by Space Makers, many of them want to continue to use the platform for other meetings as well. I think that the tailor-made space definitely helped everyone enjoy the event more and collectively come up with new ideas that we can use in our work,”

Jan Böhm from Doctors Without Borders, who was in charge of organizing the hackathon.


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