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Virtual conference in a Burning Man style for Square employees and partners

3 conferences a day / An environment emulating Burning Man and Coachella festivals / Over 700 participants from around the world

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Client requirements

Square requested a virtual world tailored to their exact specifications in order to host meetings, lectures and workshops for employees and partners from around the world. The Burning Man and Coachella festival environments were used as inspiration.

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The client approached us with the following requirements

We want to organize an online event for more than 700 people that will resemble a festival, with an environment and atmosphere similar to Burning Man or Coachella. It will feature several main stages where lectures will take place, partner zones and smaller co-working tents. Furthermore, develop an escape game for all visitors in this virtual environment in which the participants – as a team of 4 – must cooperate to complete all the entertaining challenges in order to crack the prepared ciphers and unlock the pathway to the finish line.

How did we fulfill these requirements?

The brief was straightforward and the challenge of creating an entire world for the conference was impelling. We would like to highlight the excellent work of our graphic designers who created an incredible and grandiose 3D environment. Bringing the model into a virtual environment and seeing people lecture and present from it was just the cherry on top. Thanks to modeling directly in 3D, we were able to play with light, shadows, effects and other elements that perfectly illustrated the atmosphere of the whole event. Additionally, the client now has their own virtual world at their disposal, available for future use or integrating with other virtual meeting platforms. The exciting escape game tailor-made for the event is certainly worth mentioning as well, in the end it was completed by 19 teams. Thanks to 3D graphics, we were able to familiarize visitors with the space before the whole conference kicked off and lure them to the festival with a teaser fly-through of the area.
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