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6 Important Ways Virtual Hackathons Drive Innovation

Swisslog Hackathon

Nothing says ‘innovation’ like brainstorming in your pajamas. In today’s digital age, virtual hackathons have emerged as pivotal arenas for creative breakthroughs. They leverage the power of the internet to connect ideas from across the globe. By harnessing technology, these events break down traditional barriers and create platforms where diversity and creativity thrive. In this […]

Inclusivity in the Digital Age: How Virtual Spaces Break Down Barriers

Inclusivity in the digital world

As we live through this tech-savvy era, let’s pause for a moment and talk about inclusivity. At Space Makers, we’re all about opening the doors to our digital playgrounds, making sure everyone—from any corner of the globe, with any ability—can come in and enjoy the fun. How do we make virtual spaces a welcoming space […]

Redefining Productivity: Unleashing the Full Potential of Virtual Workspaces

Redefining Productivity: Overcoming Virtual Workspace Challenges

Ah, the grand finale! In our exploration of the evolving landscape of work, we’ve seen how virtual workspaces have emerged as pivotal platforms, redefining our understanding of productivity. Now, from the cozy confines of your living room (pajama attire perfectly acceptable), every day holds the potential for innovation and connection. But unleashing the potential of […]

Redefining Productivity: The Power of Personalized Spaces

Redefining Productivity The Power of Personalization

We live in increasingly personalized times. From curated playlists instead of radio to self-selected shows instead of cable TV, everything is geared just for us. And our workspaces don’t have to be different. In an era where work has expanded far beyond the traditional office walls, productivity has undergone a transformation as well. No longer […]

Redefining Productivity: Are Virtual Workspaces the Future?

Aldar promo 2 v1 copy

Remember the good old days when putting on pants and going to the office was the only way to be productive? The way we work has changed dramatically. Thanks to tech innovations and global events, our work lives have become increasingly virtual, and our pets and fridges have never seen so much attention. Projections indicate […]

Virtual Campus for Capevo, that brings people closer together

capevo cam linkedin

Capevo, an online educational institution realized they needed an innovative education hub. Space Makers helped them to build a virtual campus on Gather, where their students and teachers dare to be more open, engaged, and personal. This review explains the main features and core benefits and brings opinions of students, teachers, and clients on the daily use of their virtual campus.

Why online events still have hidden potential

alive avatars

Think online events are as dead as disco? Think again! While we’re mostly back to in-person meetings, online events still have some serious untapped potential. Want an example? Let’s take a look at the The AbleGamers Charity Gala.

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