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Why online events still have hidden potential

Think online events are as dead as disco? Think again! While we’re mostly back to in-person meetings, online events still have some serious untapped potential. Want an example? Let’s take a look at the The AbleGamers Charity Gala organized by Space Makers. This event proved that, in many cases, online gatherings can be a game-changer, offering inclusivity, accessibility, and connection.


The First AbleGamers Annual Gala brought together hundreds of people from different places and disabilities, enabling everyone to join in on the fun. Many of the attendees were people with restricted mobility who were, despite their physical disability, able to fully attend this event and have a fantastic time. Online events like this gala give people the freedom to show up as their true selves in a way that says “this is me.” In the end, everyone attending is able to form friendships and connect to a community in a far more engaging way than other online social mediums.


Now, let’s talk about leaving an impression with your online event. At the AbleGamers Gala, they pulled out all the stops. The gala was hosted on the online platform, Gather, which provided many opportunities for interactive activities and games as well as the smooth integrations of other platforms like Twitch and Youtube. 


According to Steven Spohn, COO at AbleGamers, the AbleGamers First Annual Gala was phenomenal. To their knowledge, this was the first time a video game charity event had ever been held. The feedback from it has been outstanding.

They had a CEO dropping wisdom, a killer video showcasing AbleGamers’ mission, and interactive digital activities that kept the party going; There were online pub quizzes, games, and caricaturists holding fun, interactive workshops. And if people needed a break, they were able to slip away to the virtual terrace bar, have a chat with the bartenders, and with their help, whip up the perfect cocktail. It was like having the best of both worlds: a party and a chill-out spot. Best of all, the entire process on the Gather platform was seamless, creating an unforgettable digital experience for everyone. 


And where did AbleGamers get the idea for the virtual charity event from? Steve explains “It all stemmed from us seeing the space being used for virtual offices and wondering if we could use it for a bigger event. “For example, what if we took this program and used it to bring remote workers closer together, added a bunch of fun elements, and invited people to enjoy themselves in an amazing virtual environment, all for charity.” In the end, we had a unique event nobody had ever experienced, and the public absolutely loved it.”


In addition to being a blast, the gala proved to be a powerhouse for raising money for a good cause. The AbleGamers Gala was all about raising funds to support gamers with disabilities and support the NGO’s mission of changing lives. So while people were having a great time and making connections, they were also making a difference.  



As Steve Spohn sees it, Space Makers was key to bringing their vision to life. “Since such a charity event had never been done before, there was nothing to use as a reference. But our event coordinator was able to work hand-in-hand with Space Makers’ team to manifest our vision and bring our team’s imagination to life in a digital space,” he commented.

We asked Maggie Doyle, the event coordinator of the AbleGamers Gala, for her impressions:

What additional value did Space Makers bring to your experience? What did you like the most about our collaboration? “It truly felt like the entire time I was working with Space Makers, that we were working in person together. They made an online space come to life quite literally. Our first ever online charity event was a huge success and we have them to thank for helping us celebrate all of this from the comfort of our own home.”


What was the participants’ feedback on the online space and event on Gather? “I have received nothing but wonderful feedback from those who attended the event and those who watched from the Twitch side. So many attendees and viewers said they “had never attended an event like this before”, they “loved being able to attend an event from home”, and overall how accessible it all was.”

Ready to take your online events to the next level? Space Makers specializes in tailor-made online events and virtual experiences. Whether you want to connect diverse communities, raise funds, or simply have a blast, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with Space Makers.

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