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Fans of the popular Metal Detective series meet their hero in the metaverse

In collaboration with Digital Paths, we created a metaverse for the popular series, Metal Detective. Several tasks were prepared for fans of the series in the virtual world. They became the main hero, and only the best and bravest met Gibba, the series’ main protagonist, in the metaverse.

The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness for the new season’s launch. We took the world of Gibba to the metaverse and came up with interesting tasks that attendees had to complete. For a moment, visitors found themselves in the shoes of the Metal Detective, unlocking the next levels of the world step by step.

Four graphic designers worked on the whole project, taking them almost 130 hours to develop the entire world. The environment was modeled in 3D, making the environment  life-like. Additionally, a template was stored from the virtual world with the possibility of repurposing for future use.

The modeled environment was then used on the popular virtual platform, Gather. It’s a USA-based platform which allows everyone to build their own virtual spaces to interact amongst themselves. The only thing needed is a computer or mobile device, with no need to install apps or download anything at all. Anyone can connect with just one click through their browser.


In the end, over 2,200 fans of the series participated in the event. Twenty-two of them eventually passed 5 levels and had the opportunity to meet and greet with Gibba, the Metal Detective. This project won first place in the NC Awards in the category “OTHER DIGITAL SOLUTIONS”.


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