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Escape game and meet & greet with influencers FOR Samsung

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Client requirements

A custom-made decryption game, at the end of which participants could win a Samsung product and meet their favorite influencer. The game introduced participants to all the features of Samsung smart devices and the situations and sports in which the devices can be utilized.

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Only 5% of participants did not see the game through to the end
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The client approached us with the following requirements

Provide an unconventional way for fans to meet influencers, during which participants will learn about new Samsung products and their use in different situations. Give away a number of these devices to fans

How did we fulfill these requirements?

We prepared a decryption game, thanks to which the participants got acquainted with the various features of smart watches and ear buds. Participants walked through different rooms that were custom-made for the event and tied to the assorted features of the Samsung smart devices. Participants found themselves in a cinema, a large sports arena and at the end, on stage with their favorite influencer.

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