PHOTOREALISTIC Online experience

We build your own online experience in a photorealistic virtual world on the YOM platform. Discover Your Open Metaverse. 

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This partnership brings together the strengths of both companies to create new and innovative solutions for our clients. Thanks to YOM we design online meetings, brand experiences or virtual events in exceptionally good-looking and photorealistic virtual worlds. 



Experience stunningly realistic 3D worlds that will leave your clients amazed.

No installation needed

We willll provide your customers with an unforgettable online experience that they can easily access through their web browser.

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We will design and deploy your immersive 3D world on the YOM platform!


Our graphic designers are constantly pushing the standard of design on Gather. We design all of our virtual environments in 3D. This allows us to play with light, shadow and atmosphere, granting us the ability to create any environment that represents the values, spirit and culture of your brand. 
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We provide the experience of 18 professionals from business, event management, 3D design, and architecture. We have designed, built, and delivered over 100 custom virtual spaces on Gather for 80+ clients worldwide.

Analytical Data

We offer features that provide analytical reports on what happened in the virtual meeting. For example, see which part of the virtual space was the most popular and which objects were interacted with the most. We will prepare an analysis according to your specifications.

User-friendly Experience

Our Gather spaces are user-friendly and highly interactive for everyone. We know how to create a space that people want to keep coming back to.

We Make it Easy

Working with us is easy. We take you from the initial setup to the launching of your space. Let us do the heavy lifting.


As an additional resource, we provide video tutorials on how to use the multiple features on Gather. By default, these are provided in English, but there’s no problem to change them to other languages as well.


With our combined experience, we can help you with marketing by providing creative assets like social media posts and even video teasers for your virtual space.


Thanks to our skilled programmers, we are able to accommodate requests for special features that Gather does not directly offer. Want to create customizable locking doors, escape games, voting, custom jukeboxes or room controls? This is no problem for us as we have extensive experience adding such features. 
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We can prepare a video teaser for your virtual space and a visually interesting invitation. We can also take care of the post-event summary, from uploading your lectures online, to presenting numbers and outputs for your social media and other outreach channels. Check out this example →

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