Why choose us to create your virtual world in Gather?

We are experienced event producers and marketing specialists, running virtual events on a global scale and ensuring their top-notch execution. As an official partner of the rapidly growing Gather platform, we have been enabled to create virtual environments and events perfectly suited to its specifications.

We have already created over 50 custom venues for more than 40 clients from all over the world. We create everything, from virtual offices to customer centers and even entire virtual worlds.


We find a personalized solution suited to your needs and provide a strategy for your first encounter with virtual worlds. Be prepared for the future, virtual meetings, digital shopping and operating in the metaverse.

Analytical Data

Get feedback on the actions of your customers and attendees in your virtual meetings. We will prepare an analysis according to your specifications.

We’re a part of gather development

Surprise your employees or customers from all over the world with an interactive meeting that will keep them engaged and entertained.

Map graphics

The space we create for hosting your events, workshops or meetings can be entirely customized to your liking. Build your own space with branding and localized assets that fit your individual needs.

Czech and English manuals

You can change, modify or expand your virtual world at any time. Additionally, you can take advantage of what you’ve already created on multiple platforms.


Our metaverse offers fun, interactive and gamified spaces for connecting with anyone, anywhere. Meet with your global partners at one table, confer with your managers in a private room, or address your employees from a main stage podium.

Custom 3D maps

Our graphic designers are consistently pushing the standard of design on Gather forward in all of our virtual spaces. We model all of our virtual environments in 3D. This allows us to play with light, shadow and atmosphere in our spaces, granting us the ability to create any environment you require.

API designer

Thanks to our skilled programmers, we are able to accommodate requests for special features that Gather does not directly offer. Want to create customizable locking doors, escape games, voting, custom jukeboxes or room controls? This poses no issue for us as we have experience with adding such features from virtual events we have already run.

Marketing materials

Let your audience know about your virtual world the right way. We’ll prepare a teaser for your event that combines elements of the 3D crafted world and the Gather platform. A visually interesting invitation along with a flyover of your space will captivate every prospective visitor of your virtual world. We’ll also take care of the outputs for your event, from uploading your lectures online, to presenting interesting numbers and outputs for use on your social media and other channels.